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A conversation with three-time MontanaRep actor Mark Kuntz

I had the opportunity last week to sit down with Mark Kuntz, equity actor, director, and friend to chat about a slew of topics. His keen insight into the craft of acting is matched only by his wealth of experience on the road. Mark has toured extensively (I mean, a lot). – with Montana Shakespeare in the Parks for ten consecutive years, as well as two national tours with The Rep (Sgt. Toomey in Biloxi Blues, Jay Gatsby in The Great Gatsby). He will be playing Victor Velasco this year in Neil Simon’s Barefoot in the Park in honor of the 50th anniversary for Montana Rep. Being able to talk to him about the tour-to- come was very illuminating. Mark is both humbled, and honored to be a part of this year’s tour.

Mark and I have worked together a few times since The Great Gatsby tour on various projects. He remains one of my favorite collaborators, for reasons you will hear in the very conversation we recorded last week. He is incredibly committed, honest, intelligent, and self-aware – traits that make a great actor. We talked about odd jobs, similarities between characters from Shakespeare and Simon, favorite texts from the canon, nerves, his process, and the strange elegance of life on the road. Mark, in a reference to Michael Caine, referred to himself as the “strange sort of creature that was born into this world who can’t envision doing anything else.” He recently starred in an independent film set to hit festivals this coming year, and is currently directing The Aliens by Annie Baker in Missoula.

Amazingly, we have the audio for this interview in full. Be sure to check it out and don’t forget to come see Mark play the outlandish, adventurous, “continental” Victor Velasco this January in Barefoot in the Park. Tickets for the Opening Night Gala, a celebration of the 50 th anniversary of Montana Repertory Theatre are available from the UMArts Box Office in the PARTV building. Call (406) 243-4581 to make a reservation. And be sure to like our Facebook page.

Stay tuned for more interviews with past, and current Reppers.

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