Brontë to the Future!


The Brontë sisters, Emily and Charlotte, having told their most well-known tales—Wuthering Heights and Jane Eyre, respectively—now want to leave the past behind and explore a future time in order to see what will happen to their characters in a more contemporary setting. Brontë to the Future! is a mashup that places the Brontës’ beloved Jane and Rochester and Catherine and Heathcliff in the world of today—and possibly tomorrow—while retaining all the romance and Gothic splendor of the original stories.

Told in under 55 minutes, this engaging and relevant new comedy is played out by two actresses and the theatrical appearance of their many suitors, as they struggle with all the same issues teens have today: relationships, authority figures, and peer pressure. Having watched the play, students can compare and contrast the original novels with the play and discuss both the Gothic novel and the Romantic genre.

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When I was asked to write the Montana Repertory Theatre’s touring show that you’re about to enjoy, I was requested to do a mashup of Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights: “something with the Brontë sisters thrown in.” So of course I immediately flashed back to my Dark Shadows days. How thrilling, I told myself; how exciting to figure a way to introduce Jane to Cathy, to place Heathcliff and Rochester on the same stage, and maybe even insert the Brontë sisters themselves. And what if those rascally Brontë sisters, tired of dwelling forever in the murky past, the early nineteenth century, a time as alien to us as ours would be to them, what if those wily Brontës escaped the past and came to our time … or beyond? Jokingly, I thought, “I’ll call it Brontë to the Future! until a better idea comes along.” Turns out I fell in love with the title, just as I once upon a time fell in love with Dark Shadows and the Universal Monsters, and how I have now fallen in love with Charlotte and Emily, Jane and Cat, Heath and Rochester … and Bertha (Bertha?!?) … from the attic.


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