JUNE 25–JULY 1, 2015

Colony 20 | Exploring Conflict

The essence of drama is conflict. With this edict in mind, our Colony 20 intensive workshop will explore the very heart of playwriting and storytelling.

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Colony 20 Preliminary Schedule

When creating structure for a scene, one of the first questions a playwright must ask is, “What does my character want?” Too often, we start with a clever setup, backstory, or setting—or we focus on how the character feels—without asking this crucial question. What does my character want and what is s/he going to do to get it?

We will explore the basic types of conflict:
Domestic (family, romance)
Economic (getting a bigger piece of the pie)
Societal (battling against accepted morality/normality)
We will engage in a variety of exercises over the course of the four-day intensive, with an overall focus on creating and developing characters who are in conflict.

We’ll begin each workshop day with a free-form discussion over coffee and pastries in the green room. All the activities for the workshop proper will take place on the Montana Stage.

We’ll end the week with two full evenings of short plays written by our workshop writers.

All workshop writers will be asked to read Marsha Norman’s ‘night Mother, becoming familiar with the play before the start of the Colony. This will allow for group discussions using an example text that is familiar to everyone.

This year we are celebrating 20 amazing years of the Missoula Colony. In this momentous year, we are newly committed to offering both new and experienced playwrights an experience that is fascinating, challenging, productive, enlightening, and FUN!

We hope you will join us!

To learn more, please contact Salina Chatlain at (406) 243-6809 or by e-mail.

The Guest Artists | Colony 20
Andy Bragen | Playwright
Elizabeth Dement | Playwright
Francine Volpe | Playwright

The Colony Company
Salina Chatlain | Producer
Ron Fitzgerald | Associate Producer
Roger Hedden | Associate Producer

Montana Rep
Greg Johnson | Artistic Director

Agnes Ranjo Capps Scholarship
Award Recipients:
2015—Elizabeth Dement
2014—Francine Volpe
2013—Vickie Ramirez
2012—Melssa Ross
2011—Diane Glancy
2010—Deborah Zoe Laufer
2009—Lauren Feldman
2008—Nicole Burdette
2007—Molly Rice