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Montana Rep receives a $10,000 grant from The Shubert Foundation

We're pleased to have been honored by a generous grant from The Shubert Foundation, an internationally respected organization benefitting the arts.

The Shubert Foundation is dedicated to sustaining and advancing the live performing arts in the United States and provides general operating support to not-for-profit, professional resident theatre and dance companies. Grant recipients must have track records of artistic achievement, administrative strength, and fiscal responsibility.

Funds from the Shubert grant will be used to support Montana Rep's educational outreach program, our summer Missoula Colony, and our ongoing national tour, now in its 49th year.

July 12-19, 2014

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Noted playwrights—Deb Laufer, Molly Rice, and Francine Volpe—will lead the Colony along with Salina Chatlain, who has produced the Colony for the past two years. They'll be joined by other women producers, dramaturgs, and directors.

Colony 19 Schedule (PDF)

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MRT's Colony 19

Our eight-day Colony gathering will incorporate the following:

Writing workshop series presented by guest writers

Panels discussing the role and status of women in the writer's workplace

Rehearsals and staged readings of the guest writers' new work

Rehearsals and staged readings of the six plays chosen from our call for scripts

An evening of readings of short plays developed during the week by workshop participants

Time together on the river, climbing mountains, and generally enjoying summer in Missoula

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To learn more, please contact Salina Chatlain at (406) 243-6809 or by email.

2014 Montana Tour
September 8-November 21
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Once Upon a Time
in Ancient Greece

A comedy by Laramie Dean

A fantastic and comic quest of mythological proportions!

Stheno, one of three sisters turned into hideous Gorgons by Athena for catching the eye of Poseidon, is not going to take her sister Medusa's murder lying down!

Told in under 50 minutes, this epic story is played out by three actors donning a variety of Greek masks and employing puppetry, shadow play, and illusion to create this highly inventive theatrical experience.

Please read our 2014 Tour Brochure (PDF)

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Experience a day with Montana Rep on the road in just three minutes:
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2015 National Tour
Winter 2015
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F. Scott Fitzgerald's
Adapted for the stage
by Levy Simon

As Montana Rep continues telling great American stories, we approach The Great Gatsby with all the honor and care such an outstanding work of art deserves. We're pleased to reintroduce and reinvigorate this classic, bringing the beauty and poetry of this masterpiece—living and breathing on stage—to a new generation of theatergoers.

Please read our 2015 Tour Brochure (PDF).

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